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video-editClearly, today’s students pay attention to video far more than print or even graphics. In this course you’ll get comfortable with the technical issues surrounding videos, including finding, making, and sharing them, and ways to make them a regular part of your teaching toolkit. You will learn to 1) find and use videos relevant to your courses, 2) convert existing presentations to video, and 3) record and embellish your own videos and animated graphics with sophisticated software for use in weekly lessons, demonstrations, explanations, or just “welcome to the class!” It’s time to enhance your own instruction with video! Note: This course requires a significant commitment of time over five weeks, an eagerness to interact with colleagues, and a modern multimedia computer with high speed Internet.

Tuition is free!  Satisfactory completers of the Practicum will receive a certificate and stipend.

(Starts January 17, 2020)

Come explore ways to increase student engagement and participation in your courses. We’ll begin by examining best practices and models of active learning, including case studies, problem-based learning, and collaborative group learning. Along the way, we’ll self-assess the degree to which our current teaching strategies promote active learning. Finally, we’ll stretch beyond our comfort zones and redesign a lesson that is usually taught in a more passive manner.


Special Note: Due to the nature of the course format, participants are required to be currently teaching at least one seated course. Participants will need the consistent and frequent face to face teacher/student interaction provided by a seated course to complete the activities for this Academy course.